We are a bunch of self driven and motivated individuals with being passionate about doing what they do as one trait in common among all!


Prerna Jain, Founder Prerna Jain, started this initiative in Sept 2016, a former management consultant for over 9 years with some of the top-notch firms in the world, currently full-time on this project.
Becoming an Artist was her childhood dream, 2 years ago, she left her job to pursue her passion and explore possibilities. She has travelled extensively around the world to self educate herself in field of Art. A year ago, Prerna moved back to India to learn Indian miniature art. However, She struggled with finding any instructor to learn this Art and there are no such Art school or Artist residencies where she could walk in to study Indian classical Art forms. She had to literally hunt for the artists in the streets. Very soon I had realised that I was here for a bigger cause to preserve our Indian Art from extinction and bring it back to glory and that’s how Maukaa was born!


Shilpa Mudiganti, Co-Founder, Shilpa MudigantiShilpa is a full-time CRM consultant with Sugar CRM, New York while she simultaneously puts her multi tasking skills to great use by being an author and founding member of a publishing company. She became part of Maukaa in Feb 2017 and assisting in scaling Maukaa, specifically with content building and digital marketing. Prerna and Shilpa are ex-colleagues and have been friends from very early days of their career.



Karthik Sridharan, Head of Documentary, Karthik SridharanKarthik is a part-time short film maker. Apart from that he works as tech consultant, based out of texas, US. He is helping Maukaa with documentary related works.




Shammi Bannu, Advisor, Shammi Bannu SharmaNational award-winning artist Shammi sir comes from one of the oldest family of miniature painting artists in India. His father Mr. Ved Pal Bannu was one of the most sought after Indian miniature artist who restored many paintings from the collection of V&A museum, London. He is advising Maukaa with Miniature painting related projects and with opening an Art league in Jaipur.



Naveen Sharma, Advisor, Naveen SharmaNational award winner for his famous Taj Mahal painting which has been valued as worth multi-million dollars. He is an active advising member of Maukaa.