Vivek Joshi is a part of the famous Joshi family who are renowned for the creation of beautiful Phad paintings. He received his training in Phad Art under the guidance of his father Shri. Shanti Lal Joshi who himself had been the recipient of the National Award in 1991.

His determination and tiring efforts had earned him a lot of respect and the National Award in the year 1969. He has earned great sense of achievement in the field of Phad Painting and the entire family, despite of all odds continues to indulge themselves in this age old precious art form to preserve the valuable art for the upcoming generations.

Sample Works:


Academic Details:

Self Taught and learnt art form from forefathers.


National Award Winner, 1991.



Phad Art,

Phad Painting on Wall,

Interior Paintings,

New Subjects Phad Painting,

Art Lovers.


Address: Near Purana Janana Hospital, Balaji Ki Chhatri, Halwaiyo Ki Gali, Shahpura, Rajasthan- 311404

M. 9414677750, 9829922441, 9461331990

W. www.phadart.com; vivekjosi@gmail.com