We are a bunch of self driven and motivated individuals with being passionate about doing what they do as one trait in common among all!

Prerna Jain, Founder Prerna Jain born and brought up in Alwar, Rajasthan. She has worked for various MNC’s as a management consultant in India, US and UK. Prerna was living and working in New York City. However, her childhood dream to become an artist and a social entrepreneur made her leave her well paid job in March, 2015, after which she travelled to various parts of Europe, Asia and India. Her stay in New york and later her travel made her acquire a lot of experience and knowledge in the field of Art. Prerna studied part time at Art students league of New york while living in New york, did a 3 months apprenticeship with an independent artist in Amsterdam and took short workshops at various art schools and from instructors in Paris, Berlin, Singapore and India. She moved to Jaipur in April 2016 to learn Indian miniature Art. She faced a lot of challenges for finding a right instructor and learning the craft. Based on her findings and experiences with local community of miniature artists she ideated and started Maukaa in Oct 2016, where she is now constantly working on devising solutions and creating an open space for miniature art form and artists to grow.

Shilpa Mudiganti, Head of Content Shilpa Mudiganti

Shilpa is a passionate writer and a great friend of Maukaa. She has authored various books in fantasy fiction category like, Always you, Lost & Found and many more. Shilpa is also into developing creative content in her free time. Shilpa is heading all the content needs for Maukaa. Apart from that she works as a full time consultant with CRMNext and is based in US. She is truly a power woman of modern world.

Jack Stephen, Head of Documentary

Having a keen passion for Photography and Video Making, Jack’s passion can truly be said to be his brilliance. It is through his efforts that the documentation and the perfect illustration succeeds. He is the man behind most of our video content. He is also full time Senior Web Service Automation Engineer with the American Airlines and is based in Texas, US.

Naimish Sanghvi, Film Editing Volunteer

Naimish has been a helping hand for Maukaa since the beginning, it is his efforts that help us in making brilliant documentation videos. Having worked as a consultant for “Deloitte”, he quit his job to travel the world and thus, joined “Roaming Clan”, a travel start up. He currently also runs his own website called “finallyjobless.com” and prominently shares his personal and corporate experiences to inspire the youth of today’s time.

Asharam Meghwal, Advisor

National award winner, Asharamji’s interest in art, encouraged him to leave his family house in a village in Rajasthan at an early age and move to Jaipur to learn the art of Miniature paintings. In Jaipur, he trained under various masters including Durgeshji, Kripal Singh and Nathulalji. He received his national award in year 2001 from Mr. Abdul Kalam for his great contribution for Miniature Art form. He also completed a series of abstract paintings and exhibited at Jawahar kala kendra, Jaipur. He has traveled to Israel and few other places as government representative for miniature Art. He now is our chief adviser and guides us through our works.

Naveen Sharma

Naveen Sharma, Advisor

National award winner for his famous Taj Mahal painting which has been valued as worth multi-million dollars. He is an active advising member of Maukaa.

Rizwan Khan, Artist
Rizwan Khan inherited the art of miniature paintings from his maternal grandfather, having worked for multiple studios across Jaipur, he sells works of his art to exhibitors and art galleries to earn a decent livelihood. He successfully collaborates modern art with traditional methods of painting to create masterpieces. Currently, he is working on a contemporary Art project with Maukaa.

Anil Kumar (Jhanginiya), Artist

He is a senior miniature artist with Maukaa. Anil has done his BFA from College of Arts, Jaipur. Anil is a brilliant artist who has honed his skills in realism and miniature Art. He has a great sense of aesthetics which makes him efficient in collaborating with modern ideas. Anil is a brilliant artist and Maukaa is proud to have associated with him.

Sagar Mulani, Intern, Social Media Manager

Sagar is a 1st year BA- Eco hons student at St. Xaviers college, Jaipur and is interning with Maukaa. He is undoubtedly one of the brightest and talented student that Maukaa could grab. Very young and passionate about learning new skills, Sagar has no stopping. He has been interning with various organizations since his early school days.

Nishat Raza, Intern, Website Manager
Nishat has been part of Maukaa from the beginning and managing the website in her free time. Nishat is final year student at NIT, Durgapur and soon to join Wipro technologies. She plays a vital role in development of the website and web content.