Naveen Sharma is another National Awarded miniaturist from Jaipur, India. He received his well deserved recognition from government of India in 2011 for his famous Painting – “Taj Mahal” which took him about 4 years to complete it. This painting has been considered as a piece of marvel in miniature by many as it contains as this one painting depicts the whole history of making and ceremony of Taj Mahal which was made by Shah Jahan. The painting contains 4 lakh human figures, 2 lakh elephant and riders, and 50 thousand miniature Taj Mahal’s within the painting. One needs a magnifying glass to see the intricate work of this painting. He is as such a self taught artist and has been practising miniature Art for past 20 years.

Sample Works:

Academic Details:

Self Taught and learnt art form from local miniature masters.



Year – 2010 National Awarded for Taj mahal painting

  • 4 lakh human figures. (kings, ministers, armies)
  • 2 lakh elephants and riders.
  • 50 thousand miniature Taj Mahals and other monuments.
  • began work on the painting in 2006 and finished in October 2010.


2011 The Taj Mahal miniature painting worth rupees 5cr at India International Trade Fair 2011 (IITF 2011) is the major attraction.


  • Mughal Miniature Paintings


Address: Sector 4, Vidyut Nagar, Near Water Tank, Jaipur

M: +91 9928881768