My Impulse

Being relevant with the change is important but at the same time it is the well rooted cultural values, which bind together countries, societies and people. Art is a medium to maintain the knowledge base. Loosing our Art forms and Art works would mean loosing historical information and also not having any reference material for the upcoming generations to refer to. I feel the same way for Indian miniature Art, with that impulsive idea, at Maukaa, I want to create an open space for dialogue between now and then. My aim is to make the Art form easily accessible and popular to the world.

Contemporary Art Projects

Collaborations between modern and traditional artists to pursue various contemporary art projects.


Build online library of documents and videos to capture methods and materials.

Artists Profiling

Create a database and online profiling of all artists and artisans working on Indian art forms.

Art Lovers Community

Foster awareness about Indian art and grow community of art lovers.

Art Supply

Produce Art supply of handmade stone/ organic pigments, brushes, and wasli (sheet) using traditional techniques.

Artist Residency

Artist residency programs to provide an open space for dialogue between artists and local community.



Get in Touch

If you have any questions, would like to join us as a volunteer, or donate to this cause, please get in touch in the following ways:

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